Unconditional Performance

Performance advantage


Innovation in PCIe & Flash Storage Hardware & Software

Virident FlashMAX II PCIe storage-class memory (SCM) products solve the challenges of data intensive enterprise applications with its unconditional performance solution. Virident products deliver:

  • Consistent, predictable performance across various workloads, wide dataset sizes and over time, eliminating performance degradation.
  • Twenty times the application performance of HDD systems at one-third the total cost of ownership.
  • Twice the performance of comparable flash-based solutions.

FlashMAX SCM devices integrate innovations in software and hardware to deliver memory-class performance with storage-class capacity and persistence.


Software innovations

Virident Flash Management and Adaptive Scheduling software.

Virident vFAS, the industry’s revolutionary software technology, treats flash media like an extension of memory, virtualizing the underlying flash to provide the quickest path to application data with no changes to the application itself.

Virident FlashMax Connect, a server side flash connectivity software that facilitates the use of flash storage for databases and enterprise applications in existing SAN (Storage Area Networking) architecture.

Hardware Innovations

Flash storage hardware innovations from Virident.

FlashMAX II packs the industry's highest storage capacity into a small form factor: just ½ length x ½ height so it fits in any server.

FlashMAX II provides the highest capacity of competing solutions in a single low-profile card, enabling organizations to make the most of crowded datacenter space and control sprawl.