Virident Benchmarks

SSD Performance Tests from Virident:

Download SSDBench2:

SSDBench_Level2 was developed at Virident Systems, Inc, and is GPL licensed. It is intended to give a block-level based overview of SSD performance under real-world conditions (i.e. preconditioned or "seasoned" devices) by focusing on sustained performance at different block sizes and queue depths.


Download SSDBench3:

SSDBench_Level3 was also developed at Virident Systems, Inc, and is GPL licensed. It is a set a test scripts intended to simulate real world application use cases of interest for SSDs. These tests use application simulators where available to more closely align the tests to how SSDs are really used in the enterprise. By focusing on a wide variety of workloads, the results of this test give a more rounded picture of SSD performance than tests focusing solely any one single application class.

The application classes included are: big data analytics, distributed checkpointing, high frequency trading/logging, filesystem metadata operations (i.e. file servers and distributed filesystems like Lustre), and multiple classes of database workloads.


SSD Benchmarking Tools

The following benchmark tools are used by the above test beds to simulate IO workloads against SSD devices. They were developed and remain the copyrighted works of their respective authors, not Virident.

FIO - Jens Axboe -
FIO is a versatile tool that lets users define custom tests via the command line or script files, has many useful options, and is built to handle the highest IOPS workloads that SSDs can support.

IOZone/Fileops - William D. Norcott and Don Capps -
Fileops is a utility to benchmark filesystem operations (things like creating directories, running stats on file etc.). It is included in the IOZone package.

INNOSim - Mark Callaghan -
INNOSim is a newer application which mimics the dataflow of the INNODB backend for MySQL. It simulates logging, transactions, and database page updates, taking into account how one affects the other.

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