FlashMAX Connect

Virident FlashMAX Connect

The FlashMAX Connect software suite redefines the enterprise networked storage architecture. It brings server-side flash into enterprise applications that previously relied on high-cost proprietary SAN (Storage Area Networking) hardware. FlashMAX Connect software builds on the FlashMAX II hardware platform and adds flash-aware network-level storage capabilities. Now you can use FlashMAX Connect to create Virtual Flash Storage Networks on the server side.

Deploy applications on flash storage with shared block-level access and high availability across servers. And keep the low-latency advantages of the PCIe-attached flash.

Scale server side flash storage with or independent of compute resources. Scale up from 0.5 TB to 24 TB of flash per server. Scale out by adding server nodes as needed. Use standard servers of your choice and avoid storage-vendor lock-in.

Reduce both capital and operational expenditures by eliminating proprietary SAN hardware and maintenance costs. Protect investments in existing SAN infrastructure by accelerating its performance with server-side flash cache.

FlashMAX Connect includes vHA, vShare, and vCache software modules. You can use each of the three modules separately or combine them in an integrated solution.


High Availability


vHA provides high-throughput, low-latency synchronous mirroring across servers for data residing on FlashMAX II SCM devices. Create fail-over clusters without sacrificing the performance or latency benefits of PCIe-attached flash.

Failover cluster with FlashMax II and vHA.


Shared Access


vShare enables block-level shared access to FlashMAX II SCM devices from multiple server nodes. Build your application clusters using low-latency shared flash storage network. Easily scale flash storage capacity and performance as application needs grow.

Flash storage application clusters with FlashMax II and vShare.




Use vCache to accelerate SAN or DAS storage by using FlashMAX II SCM devices as high-performance PCIe-attached flash cache. vCache eliminates double mapping of block addresses and provides up to six-times higher performance and longer flash lifetime compared to third-party caching solutions built on SSDs. Choose between write-back, write-through and write-around caching modes to fit the needs of your applications.

High performance caching for SAN with FlashMax II and vCache.


Key Benefits:


  • Achieve low-latency sharing and replication of PCIe flash storage across network using Remote Direct Memory Access.
  • Scale flash storage capacity with or independently of compute resources. Scale up or scale out.
  • No proprietary storage boxes are needed, Use standard servers of your choice.