Unconditional Performance - FlashMAXII

Virident FlashMAX II Capacity

Virident’s FlashMax II is PCIe-based Storage Class Memory (SCM) solution

Virident FlashMAX II Capacity is a 4.8 TB PCIe flash card that is optimized for large hyperscale environments.  It offers at least twice as much usable capacity in a low profile form factor than the nearest competititor.   At just ½ length x ½ height, FlashMAX fits in any server, and also offers the low latency and predictable, sustained performance that Virident products are known for. 

Just like the FlashMAX Standard and Performance models, FlashMAX Capacity has been designed from the ground up to fully exploit today’s computer architectures which leverage many fast CPU cores and the PCI Express interconnect bus to deliver maximum application performance. FlashMAX Capacity with vFAS software technology allows applications to access data in the most efficient manner possible. In addition, vFAS software enables FlashMAX devices to deliver performance over the entire lifetime of the device, even when full or nearly full. Learn more about the vFAS advantage.

Best in Biz Winner 2013

In addition, customers can also leverage the benefits of FlashMAX Connect software with FlashMAX Capacity.  This allows a large pool of low-latency flash in a single server to be shared with multiple servers, replicated synchronously to a flash card in another server, as well as used as a large cache in in front of traditional storage arrays.


Virident FlashMAX Capacity delivers:


  • Memory-class performance—more than 850,000 IOPS in a single low-profile card.
  • Industry-leading 4.8 TB pricing in a compact, universal form factor.
  • Performance without compromise over the entire lifetime of the device, across all application workloads, even when the device is full or nearly full.
  • Optimized for hyperscale workloads
  • Sophisticated scheduling algorithms that allow garbage collection, grooming, and other flash management tasks to occur without impacting application performance.
  • Simplified management, with 100% of capacity available as a single host volume on the server.
  • Enhanced reliability and data availability through flash-aware RAID, which allows for multiple failures to occur without disrupting an application’s access to the data, and end-to-end data protection.
  • Global wear leveling accross the entire 4.8 TB usable flash pool to maximize the useful life of the flash media.


FlashMAX II Specifications


FlashMAX Type Standard Performance Capacity
Usable Capacity (GB) 550, 1100 1100, 2200 4800
Read Bandwidth 1.6 GB/s 2.7 GB/s 2.6 GB/s
Read IOPS (4K) 175K 340K 270K
Sustained Mixed IOPS (75% read, 4K) 110K 220K 120K
Read Latency (4KB random read) 76us 76us 78 us
Write Latency (512B sequential write) 16us 18us 18 us
Data Reliability
Flash-aware RAID, Advanced end-to-end Error correction, Global/Local wear-leveling, end-to-end Data Protection