Virident vFAS Software Technology

Virident Flash Management and Adaptive Scheduling software.

vFAS (Virident Flash management with Adaptive Scheduler) software virtualizes underlying flash to provide the quickest path to application data without any change to the application. Its unique adaptive scheduler delivers predictable performance across a wide range of workloads and datasets, consistent performance over time. Built-in flash-aware RAID ensures enterprise-class reliability and data availability.

Memory-like performance and storage-like capacities

vFAS treats flash media like an extension of memory, while maintaining a traditional block storage interface for applications. Because it doesn’t leverage storage protocols, controllers, or interconnects it performs at access latencies under 20 microseconds, which is closer to memory-class performance than storage.

Unconditional performance

Speed Comparison of SATA and FlashMax SCM with vFAS on accessing flash media.

Virident’s FlashMAX with vFAS delivers consistent performance across all application workloads, including when the device is fully utilized. Background flash management tasks can occur without impacting application performance. vFAS delivers 2x higher performance than its closest competitor when measured at near-full capacity, and allows FlashMAX to perform at the advertised capacity. A comparable flash storage solution must run at half the advertised capacity to deliver adequate performance.

Simplified management

vFAS makes all the capacity on a FlashMAX card available as a single host volume on the server This alleviates the need to leverage 3rd party flash software RAID products to stripe across multiple drives to pool capacity or increase performance.

Flash-aware RAID

Virident FlashMAX adapters with vFAS support flash-aware RAID for enhanced reliability and data availability. Discrete flash components can be isolated as separate slices for flash optimized 7+1 RAID protection. As a result, multiple failures can occur without disrupting an application’s access to the data.

Global and local wear leveling

vFAS offers global wear leveling to maximize the lifetime of the flash media, relocating data across the entire device to parts of the flash that are less used. Products that must separate the flash on a single device with separate controllers cannot accomplish this, which leads to hot spots and lower endurance.

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FlashMAX delivers unconditional performance that scales across diverse workloads and data sets, and sustains over time. It offers the industry's highest storage capacity in the smallest footprint while delivering 2x the performance of competing solutions.

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