Flash Storage for MS SQL Server

Scaling SQL Server deployments

Microsoft SQL Server is typically the database of choice in Windows environments appealing to database administrators who appreciate the affordability and power of SQL Server and are familiar with the distinctive Microsoft "look and feel". SQL Server databases today drive many mid-range to high-end enterprise applications which cannot afford any performance and scalability limitations.

Flash storage solutions with Virident’s FlashMAX with vFAS delivers consistent, predictable performance at extreme low latencies for applications layered over Microsoft SQL Server databases. FlashMAX is easy to implement for the database administrator. Utilizing standard optimization techniques entire databases, specific indexes or tables, or even only portions of tables can be accelerated without any user-level application changes.


  • Support for high speed DSS and OLTP workloads
    • Much faster query response times
    • Higher volume of transactions processed
    • Sustained performance over time
    • Convert batch jobs into interactive, faster business intelligence
  • Easy to implement
    • Utilizes Microsoft standard STORPORT architecture
    • Standard disk management utilities, both Microsoft and third-party, can be used
    • Works in any industry standard, server class system
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
    • Utilize backend storage for capacity rather than for performance
    • No need for storage overprovisioning for high performance
    • Higher CPU utilization by eliminating IO bottlenecks
    • Reduced power, cooling and space costs


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FlashMAX delivers unconditional performance that scales across diverse workloads and data sets, and sustains over time. It offers the industry's highest storage capacity in the smallest footprint while delivering 2x the performance of competing solutions.

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