Flash Storage for MySQL

Turbo-charge your MySQL deployments

MySQL is the fastest growing open-source database among SQL-based database deployments. MySQL is the choice for a broad range of Web 2.0 and Enterprise database developers who want a high performance database that is reliable, affordable and easy to use. Customers are realizing the cost of ownership advantages and platform flexibility that MySQL offers. However, traditional hard-drive based infrastructures are unable keep up with escalating I/O demands placed on their database deployments.

Virident’s FlashMAX with vFAS delivers consistent, predictable performance at extreme low latencies for very high transaction response times. Virident FlashMAX benefits for MySQL environments:


  • Less investment in memory & disk drives for a given level of performance
  • High consolidation ratio of slave servers means lower capex and opex
  • Scale easily without (or with minimal) complex database sharding techniques
  • Much simplified environment delivers excellent sustained performance
  • Enterprise class data availability
  • Flexible architecture that adapts to the relentless growth of MySQL data and traffic in the most cost effective way

"Managing ever increasing DB sizes, even while scaling the performance vertically, has traditionally been at the forefront of our engineering challenges. Double that up with 24x7 uptime and scaling requirements of one of the fastest growing businesses. Virident FlashMAX cards took away a huge part of those challenges, allowing our engineers to focus more on the business problems at hand.”

Amod Malviya, VP Engineering, Flipkart.com


“Our tests of FlashMAX show high performance, and more importantly stability of the results. The Virident SCM solution minimizes variability in throughput and response time on full range of used space. All this made FlashMAX MLC ideal for databases demanding for performance in both read and write intensive scenarios.”

Vadim Tkachenko, CTO of Percona Inc.


For more on how Virident FlashMAX can help fast-growing organizations scale up MySQL databases for seamless growth, read our white paper, Scaling MySQL deployments efficiently using Virident. And if you’re using—or thinking of adopting—the Percona Server, read how to scale MySQL with Virident and Percona Server.

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FlashMAX delivers unconditional performance that scales across diverse workloads and data sets, and sustains over time. It offers the industry's highest storage capacity in the smallest footprint while delivering 2x the performance of competing solutions.

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