Virident Virtualization

Flash-based VDI Storage Solutions

vmware ready logoAs more and more workloads get virtualized, efficient utilization of virtual infrastructure becomes critical to maintain cost effective performance. The I/O layer is the biggest bottleneck when consolidating physical infrastructure into virtual environments. The challenge is to support the maximum number of virtual machines while increasing their individual performance without increasing latency or total cost. Virident FlashMAX leverages flash storage to build a separate tier that ensures on-par performance with the memory tier while providing the persistence and capacity of storage tier. This improves I/O metrics 10x times resulting in higher CPU utilization and excellent user response.

In a virtual environment, Virident FlashMAX delivers:

  • Performance: Guaranteed performance even during peak loads
  • Efficiency: Much faster provisioning times
  • Cost Effectiveness : Support more virtual machines per server and lower overall cost per desktop; avoid depending on pricey external storage
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FlashMAX delivers unconditional performance that scales across diverse workloads and data sets, and sustains over time. It offers the industry's highest storage capacity in the smallest footprint while delivering 2x the performance of competing solutions.

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